A Sacred Italian Ritual

It’s a few minutes to 7:00pm and the locals are punching out their timecards. Busy workers leave the cares of their desks behind and declare an end to the workday. They head home. “Ah, non così in fretta!”. Not so fast. Not before we make a stop at the local café or “bar” in Italian. “È l’ora dell’aperitivo”. It is time for Aperitivo

The story

Aperitivo is ingrained in the social life of Italians. While many Italian traditions tend to differ according to region, Aperitivo spans all areas, it’s a constant in all of Italy. If you ever visit Milan, Venice or Rome, then it’s important to have an Aperitivo or as the locals say “Fare un’aperitivo!”  


Aperitivo culture is every bit Italian, like the Colosseum or Lasagna. It is a state of being in Italy that equally merges the company of friends and family with great cocktails and good food. The art of enjoying a pre-dinner drink has become a tradition that is fused into the daily routine of Italians and provides the opportunity to enjoy sacred time spent amongst family and friends. 

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