Meet VETZ. Made with natural ingredients, nothing fake, 22 botanicals. The product draws on the tradition of Italian bitters, revisiting it with exotic notes without exceeding the obvious tropical. It has a rich aroma of Cedar, Gentian, Hibiscus and Nutmeg which leads to a full- bodied Camomile, Cassia, Elder- flower, Orange and Vanilla flavor. Captivating to the eye with amber and golden tones, light and at the same time engaging. 11% alcohol by volume, perfect to close the day’s work and start (or rather “aperire”, the Latin word that gives birth to one of the Italians’ favorite words) to unfasten the tie.

11% abv

700 ml

100% natural

Made with passion and magic (and none of the sketchy stuff)

Only natural ingredients​

Every ingredient used in this bottle is natural and authentic, like the relationships to which we dedicate our drink. Honoring our highest source of inspiration, nature, we simply mix botanicals to obtain the most harmonious aperitivo drink.


When you taste Vetz, the quality of its ingredients stands out and refreshes your senses from the very first moment. You are enjoying the result of an adventure that brought together our passions, our culture and ambitious nature.

Easy to drink

VETZ is the perfect drink for any occasion. Try Vetz as an alternative to your classic cocktails, as an aperitif, mixed with tonic or on the rocks.

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