VETZ Negroni

4 minutes to make the perfect VETZ Negroni


VETZ 50 ml (1.5 ounces) 

Sweet vermouth 50 ml (1.5 ounces)  

Dry gin 50 ml (1.5 ounces) 


Orange twist for garnish 


Simply add the VETZ, vermouth, and gin to a glass, then add ice and stir. Finally, garnish with an orange twist and you have made a Negroni!

the story

The Negroni is one of Italy’s most renowned cocktails with its tasty combination of bitter and sweet. It is said that over a hundred years ago in Florence, Count Camille Negroni decided he was a little bit tired of drinking an Americano which was a mix of Bitters, sweet vermouth, and club soda, so he asked for the soda to be replaced with a splash of gin. Making it stronger is always a good choice! The bartender replaced the club soda with gin. He then added an orange garnish instead of the lemon garnish found in the Americano and the first Negroni was born.  


This cocktail recipe has not changed much since Count Camille Negroni made this tasty discovery. It can be made with equal parts of VETZ, sweet vermouth, and gin topped with a twist of orange peel.

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