What is VETZ?

VETZ is a natural sweet bitter spirit with an alcohol level of 11%. Some of the main roots, flowers and spices used to create VETZ are; Gentian, Sweet orange, Bitter Orange and Elderflower as well as Vanilla, Lemon, Cedar, Chamomile, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Hibiscus, Coriander.

How do I drink VETZ?

VETZ is best served with tonic, ice and garnished with a lemon wedge. VETZ can also be used as the main ingredient in all the Italian classic cocktails i.e. Spritz, Americano, Negroni, or Sbagliato. Check out the cocktails sections to find inspiration for your next VETZ drink!

Where does VETZ come from?

Born on a sunny summer day, VETZ is carefully produced and bottled in Italy.

How is VETZ made?

We have created VETZ using only natural ingredients, no chemicals, additives, or colorants. After sourcing the best roots, flowers and spices, we start the maceration process of the botanicals in our distillery, where we let them sit for 30 days in a mixture of alcohol, water, and sugar. After the maceration, it’s time for our potion to get bottled in our iconic bottle and to be delivered to your favorite store, bar, restaurant, or directly to your home.


In which countries is VETZ available?

Today VETZ is available for private customers and HoReCa customers in: Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark.

For HoReCa customers in: Slovenia, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia.

For private customers through online orders in: France, Germany and The Netherlands.

Where can I find VETZ?

VETZ is available in numerous bars, restaurants and hotels.

Follow the link to discover a few selected venues where you can enjoy a great VETZ drink!

I want to sell VETZ in my venue. Who is your distributor?

We would love to work with you! We're happy to connect you with our wholesale team to help — just email us at orders@vetzaperitivo.com

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