A modern take on the Aperitivo

VETZ is the story of how three Italian friends dared to create the antidote for a world that has become polarized and lonely. They wanted to take this Italian tradition beyond Italy’s borders to help people create real moments that matter, one Aperitivo at a time. Nicholas, Alberto and Federico, an architect, a clerk and an entrepreneur from all over Italy began turning stressed days from work into vibrant evenings, connecting with new people and transforming strangers into friends in Stockholm.

The story

They’re on a mission to take these moments of real connection to more and more people around the world so they were inspired to craft the ultimate drink for every Aperitivo. Along the way, they made some mistakes: in the quest for a modern Aperitivo they took something traditional and with a long cultural heritage, they shook it up, adapted it, fell in love with it again, lost any sense of perspective and ignored the critics. Re-inventing an Italian icon is a dangerous game. They played it, and this is the result – an authentic Italian Aperitivo, bottled for your convenience.


The name VETZ is an ancient Italian word for your buddies, a tribute to the friendship that these three Italians want to share with the world. Every ingredient contained in the bottle is natural, like the relationships to which they dedicate our drink. It all started after work while enjoying a drink before heading home. From that moment they decided that everybody should be able to enjoy the Aperitivo state-of-mind. No stress, no musts, no pressure, just you, your friends and a good drink.

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