Aperitivo is a great way to mingle with friends and family after a hard day’s work. It is a very relaxed event, therefore, setting up should be just as relaxing. There is no need for many decorations as the key is to make sure the atmosphere is very laid back. Simple does it. 

You can choose a type of lounge music, anything that is easy to listen to and that is cheerful but not too up-beat and overpowering. Food served at Aperitivo should generally be easy to eat with one’s hands and in one or two bites. You can use skewers to stack roasted vegetables or grilled seafood. Providing toothpicks and small plates is helpful for grazers. Also, remember to have small bowls on hand for things like olive pits and shrimp shells. The plates are usually small so that everyone will take their time while eating. By having smaller platefuls rather than taking more than they can handle, they get to really savor the moment and have an incredible time.

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