The perfect Aperitivo bottled

Today we all have high expectations for the products we consume, and what we drink while spending precious time with friends and family should be no different. This is why we have created Vetz, just natural ingredients, no chemicals or preservatives. The product draws on the tradition of Italian bitters, revisiting it with exotic notes without exceeding the obvious tropical.

Cedar and vanilla embrace the provocative freshness of the elderflower, the true author of the warmth and enveloping livery of the product. Orange and gentian complete the picture with a slight bittersweet push, for a finish that titilates and caresses your taste buds. 


VETZ is a Sweet Bitter aperitif, with an 11% alcohol percentage, characterized by a crisp bitter flavor, but with a consistent floral background. The product is 100% natural with ten selected botanicals gathered from all around the world. This tasty botanical aroma combined with dried spices give a rich color to the liquid that captivates the eye with amber and golden tones. 

Every ingredient contained in the bottle is natural, no colorants or additives. It’s produced in Italy, in Casale Monferrato close to Turin, the native area of the Italian aperitivo. When you taste Vetz, the quality of its ingredients stands out and refreshes your senses from the very first moment. Years of research and development went into this precious potion. You will enjoy the result of an adventure that brought together the passion, culture and high ambitions for a product that is worthy of a place at your Aperitivo.


Just with the perfect blend of botanicals you should add your own personal touch to create a unique experience for you and your guests. VETZ is the perfect drink to close with the day’s work and open up to new connections, or rather “aperire”, the Latin word that gives birth to one of the Italians’ favorite words to “unfasten the tie”. The Aperitivo may be steeped in history but that’s why this product was created, to help you bring a little bit of Italy to your next gathering. .

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